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"Heroes All Without Question"

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RED book:   667 pages 192 stories and photos & information about working dogs.
Heroric stories connected to each working dog, also mounted patrol horses.
Photos, and what life is really like being a partner of these heroes.
Every working dog and horse has his/her own story.
Heroes All Without Question

BLUE book: 208 pages of 94 adventurous stories with photos and cartoons.
Amazing K9s  - so PROUD and other will make you laugh!!

K9's Are Human Too

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Comments From Readers Of The First Edition: 
A K9 handler gains a profound respect and admiration for his working dog because during their time together, the handler crosses over into his partners four-legged view of the world.  As a result, the dog teaches his master how to communicate with him and to trust his judgment in many situations. When the handler learns to accept the dog's level of intelligence and natural instincts for finding things, protection and survival, the handler enters into a domain of animal and human relationship that forges a bond of loyalty unlike anything ever felt before.  When a handler's four-legged partner dies, it is a devastating experience and the emotions run deep. God Bless Louise Krause for writing this book and creating a unique K9 memorial web site (www.k9memorialcards.com) to ensure that these working dogs are honored for who they were in life and memorialized forever when they pass on. 
John C. Burnam, Vietnam Veteran (GSD) Scout Dog  Handler,  Author of  “A Soldier's Best Friend" 

"This book is an extraordinary testament not only to the K9 dogs and the K9 officers, but also to the endless devotion of Louise Krause to dedicate a memorial to honor them.  It recognizes the officers and their canines in their devoted work to their communities and their nation.  It is a one of a kind exceptional book and the fruit of Louise's tireless efforts to that cause. It is a spectacular gift that will become a piece of our history and a recorded document in recognition of the importance of our K9 dogs and their officers in law enforcement. Congratulations to Louise for producing such a tireless and timeless work!" 
Jim Cortina, CPWDA, Director,  Connecticut Police Work Dog Association, Inc. Waterford, CT 

The author, whom everyone just knows as Lulu, continues to support working dogs everywhere. This book continues from her web page work of documenting grave human conflict that propels a special partner, the police service dog, into the life and death struggle that has this special partner giving their life so the officer can return home to their family. Whether in line of duty death or natural causes, Lulu makes the loss bearable. She is truly the "Guardian Angel of K9".  A great book, a must read for any age. 
Russell Hess, Director USPCA,- United States Police Canine Association, PO Box 80,  Springboro, Ohio 45066,  Ph: 1.800.531.1614 

"I grieve for all those that I knew, I grieve for those that I never knew, but I grieve the most for the best partner a Police Officer could ever have. Sirius gave his life so I could save others...." 
After the tragedy of "9/11/01," I met this wonderful person (online) who showed me that there was a world within ours that truly loved our service dogs and appreciated the work that they did for our nation. This person went on to create the most beautiful "Internet" Memorial to my fallen partner, K9 Sirius #17 PAPD, that many had ever seen.  I can never thank her enough for her caring and understanding. I speak for K9 Units around the country when I say that "Lulu Krause has been an inspiration and a God-send to all Police K9 handlers that have had partners that made the ultimate sacrifice."    Dave  "Out on a"  Lim 
Officer David W. Lim #1219, (DWLim@aol.com) Port Authority Police Department,  241 Erie St., 
Jersey City, NJ 07310 

The K9 memorial book is, like the web site, (www.k9memorialcards.com) is a great achievement of Louise Krause. She gives the working dogs, all over the world, the honour and respect he/she deserves. The K9-unit of the Rotterdam-Rijnmond Police Department (The Netherlands) wants to congratulate her with the result of years of hard work and dedication to the K9s. Especially in Holland, where the Royal Dutch Police Dog Organization exists for more than 100 years. We know how important the K9 is for Law Enforcement. "They give us loyalty, bring us joy and keep us safe. What more can we wish of them and how much we do owe them...." 
Officer Dick van Leenen ,  K9-Unit,  Rotterdam-Rijnmond Police Department,  The Netherlands 

Lulu (Louise Krause) has, in this book, exposed and also healed some of the deep wounds which we suffer when we loose a partner.  Shadow lived a long and wonderful life. Her death hurt as badly as though I had lost a member of my family (which, indeed she was).  This book is long over due as a celebration of the lives and loves we shared with our partners.  Regardless of whether we are Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue, or Military Handler, our hearts are here with "Those Who Have Gone Before." 
Tom Johnston, Editor -  Louisville, KY 
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